What is an Estate Manager

What is an Estate Manager?

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There doesn't seem to be a consensus about the role of the Estate Manager. Let's get the conversation going by asking what the job is, what are the skills, experience, and education needed to perform the work, among other requirements. Join a panel that includes the stakeholders in the conversation- an EM, and Employer, an Agency, and an Educator. The panel will be followed by a breakout Q&A and workshop that you'll automatically be seated in when the discussion ends.

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Kimberly Varney

Staffing Up // Writing a Job Description

The more detailed and specific your job request is, the more tools you are providing an agency to make a good recommendation and placement. Together with your principal, you’ll need to assess the way the household works and determine what skills, services, and delivery style are required to fulfill the needs of your specific household.

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