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Category: EMN On Demand

EMN MEMBER TALK // The Art and Science of Applying for Jobs

There is an entire art, science, and unspoken etiquette that vastly impacts how your candidacy is received. During this presentation from renowned career coach and job search expert Donna Shannon, learn the tricks to make sure you are on the top of the recruiters’ lists.

Are Agencies Working for You? // Q&A with Paul Ryan

At one of our monthly Member Talks, Paul Ryan, of Ryan Staffing Group,  answered your questions about working with an agency and offered suggestions about how agencies can better serve candidates and EMs trying to place staff. PRO content.

Managing Mental Health: 3 Steps to Keep Your Sanity and Avoid Burnout

I’ll share my Action Plan for: Industry-wide initiatives, Small group support (without breaching your NDA), And personal steps for day-to-day self care. Remember… We never name names. This isn’t a bitch session. It’s not therapy. It IS our chance to come together to collaborate on solutions for our industry’s toughest challenges. PRO MEMBER CONTENT

Common Mistakes to Avoid in an On-site Interview

This is it, the key moment all the previous steps have been preparing you for. What happens next will be the difference between being offered a dream job or experiencing the nightmare of rejection or even worse, the acceptance of a horrible fit. PRO MEMBER CONTENT

Transitioning Between Clients or Principals Successfully

Chris Milu, of MCM Estate Services shares how to successfully transition from one principal to another. It may seem like a bumpy road and a hard time to pull away especially if you served a family for a long time but it can be done. PRO MEMBER CONTENT

Mentorship for Estate Managers

In a recent conversation with Estate Manager Anthony Barlow, we discussed the the various mentors we have worked with throughout our careers and the opportunity to create a mentorship program. PRO MEMBER CONTENT

HR Q&A With Lisa Petrello and Stella Martins

Estate Manager Stella Martins and HR Advisor Lisa Petrello, from GTM Payroll Services, discuss important household HR issues including pay, PTO, termination, Covid, and what to include in an employee handbook. PRO MEMBER CONTENT

What is an Estate Manager?

There doesn’t seem to be a consensus about the role of the Estate Manager. Let’s get the conversation going by asking what the job is, what are the skills, experience, and education needed to perform the work, among other requirements. Join a panel that includes the stakeholders in the conversation- an EM, and Employer, an Agency, and an Educator. The panel will be followed by a breakout Q&A and workshop that you’ll automatically be seated in when the discussion ends. PRO MEMBER CONTENT

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