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Nines: Technology Built for Estate Managers

Nines: Technology Built for Estate Managers

Estate managers are responsible for managing the most complex households in the world — and yet, they don’t have the tools to help them simplify the complexity.

They end up with too many spreadsheets and long text threads, and they work 24/7.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Estate managers deserve technology that’s built specifically for them, that’s tailored to their unique needs. Every household is unique, and they’re always changing. Estate managers need a dynamic, flexible tool that can keep up with — and tame — the chaos.

At Nines, we’re on a mission to simplify and elevate household life. Your principals want to live with ease — and you, the estate managers, or as we like to call them, the easemakers, are responsible for making that happen. And we want to make your life easier, too.

Our cloud-based platform is built specifically for estate managers and the households they manage. We’ve spent the last two years studying the pain points you’re facing, and we’re building solutions to make all of your household’s data more accessible, actionable, trackable, and secure.

Let’s explore how Nines can help you streamline everything in your household.

Organize your vendors, employees, contacts and more — all in one place

Estate managers cobble together a number of different tools to run their day to day. You’re buried in excel spreadsheets, calendar notifications, and text message threads where information is easy to lose and impossible to search later on. With Nines, you can organize all of your vendors, employees, contacts, documents and more in one central nervous system that reflects every aspect of your household.

Nines turns your house manual from a static document into an interactive, dynamic place where you can get work done. All your data is connected so it can work together seamlessly. For example, you can create a task, assign it to a houseman, tag a vendor, and include photos and any relevant documents, all on one screen. No need to dig through Dropbox, check the contacts in your phone for the vendor’s number, and manually load everything into a long email to your houseman.

Plus, when all of your household’s most important information is easily accessible in a cloud-based platform, you can find anything you need at any time, no matter where you are. No need to feel chained to your desk.

Easily assign tasks and automate recurring tasks

How many hours a week do you spend making checklists? How often do you have to recreate something you’ve already done?

Our goal is to help take work off your plate, and we can do that with the help of automation. With Nines, you can create a task once, assign it to the right person, and then set it to recur every week. If you apply the same logic to every weekly, monthly, annual recurring task and checklist in your household, the hours you’ll save are incalculable — which means you can spend them on more meaningful projects.

Quickly share data and documents in a secure way

Your contractor needs a floorplan. Your new gardener needs a map of the property. Your staffing agency needs information for a job description. Every time your household gets one of these asks, chances are you spend too much time searching for and sharing the right information. And when you share sensitive information over text or email, you might worry it could fall into the wrong hands.

With Nines, logged in users (like you and your most trusted staff) can run a quick search to find exactly what they need in seconds. You can tag a document in a task, or hit share to quickly send it to someone outside your organization.

Anyone who’s not logged in (for example, a vendor) will get a secure link where they can view the information you’ve given them permission to see and download any documents you’ve attached. You can even set an expiration date for an extra level of security.

Make everyone’s life easier with a user-friendly tool they’ll actually use

Your team is busy enough already, and no one wants to use a tool that adds work to their plates. Your household needs a solution that’s flexible enough to work for housekeepers who are constantly on the go and vendors who are used to texting quick updates, as well as managers who need a more complex overview of everything going on in the household.

Our goal is to build a product that streamlines your work, without adding extra effort, because the right tool should give you time, not take it.

For estate managers, Nines is intuitive, and helps simplify your most complex workflows by bringing everything into one view, and making all of your data more accessible and actionable.

For the people you work with every day, like household staff and vendors, we’re building simple solutions that allow them to get quick notifications, check off tasks on mobile devices, and send you a note.

Across the board, it streamlines the work you’re already doing, rather than adding busy work to your day.

Get real-time updates and notifications

A huge problem for estate managers is accountability. How often do you get frustrated because you don’t know if someone’s received a message, or you’re not sure if the work has been done?

With Nines, you’ll get notified in real time as your employees and vendors check things off their lists. You can see when someone has read your task, so you know it’s on their radar. And you can get an overview of your entire household’s progress at a glance, so you can see what’s been done, what’s still on your list, and any tasks that are at risk.

Keep a historical record for continuity

What’s the value of that piece of art? When was the last time you replaced that appliance?

Whether the answer to these questions is stored in an excel spreadsheet or deep in your mind, there’s no question it would be better to have a searchable record where anyone (with the right level of permissions) can find them in seconds.

As you check off tasks and log updates, Nines automatically creates a historical record of everything in your household. That way, you can stay on top of any changes, and go back and check your records anytime questions come up in the future.

Built for you — with you

We believe the right technology can move the private service industry forward. And the right technology is not built in a bubble. We’re working with some of the industry’s top estate managers to continuously get feedback about Nines, so we can build something that works for you. Want to join us? Learn more and start streamlining your household management with Nines today.

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