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About the Estate Management Network

The Estate Management Network was founded after hosting our first virtual conference in January 2021. It was clear that people wanted further opportunity to engage and participate in the conversations that were shaping our industry and were eager to learn from their peers.

Our first year was focused on surveying the community and trying to assess what was needed and how we could provide that. As we look forward, we have defined our mission and will continue to develop and implement programs to fulfill it. We’ve crafted a mission statement as our guide:

EMN is a nonprofit organization

The Estate Management Network has been established as a Florida nonprofit organization with a mission to connect an inform the Estate Management community.

Dues support efforts to grow the community,  curate an online resource library, host meetings and events, and promote the association. 

We’d like to thank the following supporters:

Special Thanks to our Benefactor Member:


Board Of Directors

We thank the 2023-2024 Estate Management Network Board of Directors. Their commitment and support will be what helps the community to grow, learn, and succeed in an ever-changing industry. Each brings unique qualities and experiences to the group. Together, we can offer Estate Managers the information, connections, and guidance we need for success.

Anton Kurnosov
Anton Kurnosov

Vice Chairman

Lisa Desboine_Murray
Lisa Desboine-Murray

Industry Advisor

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