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What we’re most looking forward to as the Network grows is hearing from everyone. I often wonder if there are Estate Managers out there who’ve had similar experiences to mine or if I live in a crazy make-believe world that no one else would ever understand. I’ve had to figure out how to do things that I never even imagined would need to be done; like hiring a security detail for a violin, simultaneously serving a meal to people on three continents, and entertaining for 27 hours, to name a few.

Because of my experiences, have a head full of random, and maybe (hopefully) helpful information. I’ll bet we all have some interesting stories and lessons learned. We want your stories too: experiences, tips, tools, guides, contacts, what NOT to do… anything that can be useful for other Estate Managers.

Submitted content can be an industry news item, resource, a guide an editorial, an event, or an ‘experience story’ that offers valuable insight. We’ll also be accepting ongoing comments / posts on what Estate Managers want in a professional organization.

Pro Members can submit their article directly from their profile. Choose ‘Blog’ in the left navigation list and then “New Post”. You post will be reviewed and published within 48 hours.

Social Members can email their submissions to


Kimberly Varney

Digital Home Inventory

As Estate Managers, we’re responsible for everyTHING on the properties we manage. It’s imperative that we are able to easily access information regarding furnishings, art, tech, and home systems at a moment’s notice.

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