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Building an Association for Estate Managers

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As we work on growing a community, we’re also laying the groundwork for a professional association for Estate Managers. Networking is invaluable, but we also need to drive change. Estate Managers are on par professionally with COOs, VPs and GMs, yet we’re not recognized as a professional field.

There’s not a degree in Estate Management, or even an educational path or certifications. There are no workplace expectations or professional boundaries, and very few protections for the EM. Zero industry standards or agreed upon best practices. No scale of progression and accompanying salary increase or stock options…

…I have a long list of things that we’re missing out on professionally because we haven’t organized ourselves; which is kind of ironic because Estate Managers are among the most organized people I know.  I’m sure you have a list too, and we want to hear it. We want to know what is needed from an Estate Managers’ association and who is willing to make that happen. 

Membership is the first step. By joining the Network, you’ll have an opportunity to join conversations, lead committees, and participate in workshops that will begin to define our industry.

Kimberly Varney

Executive Director


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