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Welcome to the Network

Welcome to the Network

Welcome to the Estate Management Network! We’re glad you found us.

This effort was born out of two needs: a desire to reconnect with people, and to understand what it means to be an Estate Manager these days. As organizations folded and the pandemic kept us all tucked away in our own little pockets of the world, I wondered how everyone was doing and where everyone was. As for the state of Estate Management as a profession,  as I was seeking recommendations for Estate Managers for my clients and started receiving resumes for people who had objectives and experiences that didn’t relate at all to what I thought of as Estate Management. I started to wonder whether my expectations of the role were outdated, or people were using the title without really knowing what it meant.

That discussion evolved into the Estate Management Conference. There, we asked some of the pressing questions about industry and began to develop a path forward where we’re all generally (hopefully) on the same page.

The Estate Management Network has taken the key points from those inquiries and will carry the conversation forward through monthly meetings, networking events, and a gathering of experience and knowledge from our community. This is just a start… of a conversation, of taking action, and of a consensus of our community.

It will only become something significant with input and participation from everyone. We’re going the ‘build the ship as it sails’ route, knowing that we don’t have all the answers and don’t even know all of the questions yet. It will need input from the entire group in order to serve and represent the community.

We hope you’ll join us to create a much-needed professional association that will develop our industry’s standards and best practices, provide career path guidance, suggest pre-requisite experience and educational recommendations, and advocate for issues that will create work / life balance and safe, respectful workplaces. 

Kimberly Varney

Executive Director

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Identifying Vendors

Sourcing Vendors

So, how do you find a good vendor? Follow the below advice and do your due diligence and you can avoid 80% of the negative situations that could occur.

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Summerizing a Seasonal Home

It’s that time of year again….It’s HOT in South Florida. Many of my fellow Estate Managers have headed north while we’re left to close up homes for the summer.

Employee Expense Policies

A good employee expense policy and proper tools to facilitate expense reporting can lead to many positive outcomes, such as increased trust and productivity, improved morale, and easier financial management. PRO Content

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