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Standardizing Service with Task Sheets

Standardizing Service with Task Sheets

Creating repeated task sheets can help streamline and automate routine tasks, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors or missed details. They can also ensure consistency in the approach to completing those tasks.

We’ve created a template pack of customizable task sheets ranging from everyday tasks to repair and replace lists. These are an essential part of your Estate Manual and staff management toolkit and a first step towards standardizing service. Customize these templates for each department, room, zone, or staff member and print off a stack for them to use throughout the week.

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Does Your Event Need a Waiver?

Each time our principals host a party, they’re exposed to certain liabilities ranging from accidental injury to the responsibilities of an open bar and privacy concerns. At what point do you need to cover your events with a waiver of liability?

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Mentorship for Estate Managers

In a recent conversation with Estate Manager Anthony Barlow, we discussed the the various mentors we have worked with throughout our careers and the opportunity to create a mentorship program. PRO MEMBER CONTENT

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