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Estate Manual Essentials: The Fire Safety Plan

Estate Manual Essentials: The Fire Safety Plan

We recently posted a Fire and Evacuation Policy template which garnered follow-up requests for a Fire Safety Plan. As each property and situation is unique, it would be hard to create a template that would address every situation. However, we can share the steps for creating your own Fire Safety Plan. The process is easily replicated across any type of property. It may be something you handle as the Estate Manager, or delegate to a team composed of your Property Manager, Facilities Manager, and Security Team.

Our 12-page guide covers risk assessment, documentation, and what to include in your plan.

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How to Train Household Staff and Retain Them

When you hire new household staff, you cannot expect them to know exactly what you want or how you want it done. Even though you may have covered some of the job requisites during the interview process, you still need to develop an effective household staff training plan.

Amy’s Got Crackers // Love and Gratitude in a Treat

This recipe was originally featured in an article I wrote for Pet Friendly magazine in 2009. It has been adapted to a crunchy treat for one of my canine companions, King Svenny by his dog walker extraordinaire, Ms. Amy.

Navigating the Process of Requesting Additional Staff

Approaching the owner and/or their financial manager to discuss additional staffing needs requires a tactful and strategic approach. We've created a guide for Estate Managers with some key points to effectively communicate the need for expanding household staff, ensuring a successful outcome for all parties involved.

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