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Interviews // Stand Out from the Herd

An interviewee’s objective should always be to give an interviewer something to “chew on” — words, expressions, turns of phrase, experiences succinctly and well expressed that will resonate after you leave the interview room. Your presence should be one that lingers in the best way possible (and I don’t mean by wearing strong perfume or cologne). Failure to do so will, more often than not, result in failure to get that job.

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Healthy Workplace Programs

Wellness programs encourage talent to move more, eat better, provide financial health, creativity, stress reduction, community engagement, job satisfaction, strong relationships, longevity, mindfulness assistance, and balance.  

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Performance Reviews // The Measure of Success

Exactly how does a household conduct effective Employee Performance Reviews? Just as no two homes are exactly alike, nor should evaluation processes be exact copies. There are nuances to every home and every family. Good Performance Reviews take this into account.

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Household Safety Training

Being knowledgeable of safety standards and best practices can mean the difference between a smoothly running household and accidents or injuries for yourself or your staff. As the Estate Manager, you should provide guides, instructions, and manuals as well as include MSDSs in easily accessible notebooks or your Estate Manual for your staff to access when needed. Here are some item to include in your training and manual:

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Hard Knock Life

While many of my career ambitions revolve around being a hospitality minded professional in the Private Service industry, the most important goal in my life is one which deals with the inner nature of myself.

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