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Estate Management Salary Survey

Estate Management Salary Survey

One of the Estate Management Network’s  goals this year is to explore the roles, responsibilities, and compensation of Estate Managers. During a recent workshop, we identified a few job titles that represent the different levels of Estate Management. We’re trying to further explore this list to understand how education, experience, and pay are related to these roles.

This survey is the first step; the results of this will lead to a more refined inquiry as we hone in on the ultimate results.

To participate, please fill out our anonymous 3-minute survey. It will be open through the end of June.

*Agencies, please help by filling out a survey for the role of ‘Estate Manager’, based on your experience.


The Essentials of Household Estate Management

Learn about Peter's online estate management course: Essentials of Household Management. Designed with an understanding of the ever-changing nature of our profession. The content has been developed based on real-life Estate Management experiences and input from a variety of industry professionals. Those who get the most out of the course are Estate Managers, Household Managers, Executive Housekeepers, Nanny Managers, and those looking to lay a foundation for their new career. PRO MEMBER CONTENT

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Are Agencies Working for You? // Q&A with Paul Ryan

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The Art of the Thank You Note

When the gifts have all been given and received and you’ve finally started to relax into your post-holiday eggnog haze, remember there’s one last point to check off your holiday list: the thank you notes.

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