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Estate Management Salary Survey

Estate Management Salary Survey

One of the Estate Management Network’s  goals this year is to explore the roles, responsibilities, and compensation of Estate Managers. During a recent workshop, we identified a few job titles that represent the different levels of Estate Management. We’re trying to further explore this list to understand how education, experience, and pay are related to these roles.

This survey is the first step; the results of this will lead to a more refined inquiry as we hone in on the ultimate results.

To participate, please fill out our anonymous 3-minute survey. It will be open through the end of June.

*Agencies, please help by filling out a survey for the role of ‘Estate Manager’, based on your experience.

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Boundaries in Private Service

What are your thoughts on boundaries in private service? What do you tell your staff? How do you train them to understand where the line is? 

EMN hiring an event planner

Hiring An Event Planner

An Estate Manager needs to source the best Event Planner for your Principal's requirements and screen them carefully before committing to one. 

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