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Luxury Residential Trends Shaping UHNW Living in 2024

Luxury Residential Trends Shaping UHNW Living in 2024

In 2024, a wave of extraordinary residential trends will reshape the concept of luxury living. Curated shopping suites, private automotive showrooms, bespoke amenities and other trends are a manifestation of a family’s pursuit of a living experience that transcends the ordinary. They mirror an UHNW individual’s desire for exclusivity, personalization, and 5-star hospitality at home. 

For estate managers, turning these aspirations into reality can be a multifaceted challenge. Coordinating with highly specialized professionals and ensuring flawless execution are just the beginning. Each trend demands a unique set of skills and ongoing attention to detail to manage, as well as create an additional draw on your staff. The keys to successfully implementing any of these trends are going to be planning, budget, and resource allocation. 


Some of the top luxury residential trends we’re seeing for 2024:


In-House Luxury Shopping Suites

Personalized shopping experiences are taken to the next level with in-house shopping suites. Usually managed by a stylist, these private boutiques are stocked with current (and often advance)  selections from top luxury brands, providing a private and intimate shopping environment without leaving home.

Custom-Designed High-Tech Playrooms

High-tech playrooms for family members of all ages are designed with cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality, interactive gaming experiences, and sim cockpits for the ultimate home entertainment experience.

Bespoke Amenities

Well-beyond monogrammed towels, UHNWIs are commissioning unique and branded amenities from personalized fragrances to exclusively crafted wines and spirits, artisan bath products and signature flower cultivars.

Pickleball Courts

Custom-designed, regulation-quality pickleball courts are taking over the family tennis court. Neighborhood leagues and Sunday socials are the new brunch.

Automotive Showrooms

Car enthusiasts are building in-house showrooms and full mechanic workshops to showcase and maintain their collection of luxury and rare vehicles. These showrooms often include entertainment areas for gatherings and events and of course, extra parking for friends. 

Private Installations by Renowned Artists

Collaborations with world-renowned artists result in unique and site-specific art installations within the residence, turning the home into a private gallery that may evolve over time or have a limited display period as a part of a series.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Some UHNWIs are creating private wildlife sanctuaries on their properties, fostering conservation efforts and providing an opportunity for the family to engage with nature on a grand scale.


The unfolding narrative of luxury living in 2024 is a reflection of a shifting paradigm. Many are finally realizing that the true luxury lies not just an amass of material wealth, but in the thoughtful curation of a lifestyle that resonates with individual aspirations. For estate managers, the mission is to understand the family’s values and aspirations and then transform that vision into reality. In this narrative, the blueprint isn’t just a floor plan; it’s a guide to the ever-changing definition of a life well-lived.


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