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Tracking Holiday Gifts

Tracking Holiday Gifts

With the holiday season upon us, the joy of gift-giving is accompanied by the challenge of ensuring that everyone on the list has been shopped for, every thoughtful present reaches its intended recipient, and incoming gifts are recorded for thank yous.

Tracking holiday gifts becomes a straightforward process with our simple and user-friendly spreadsheet template. There’s a space for your budget, staff gifts, stockings, and cards. If you have a PA or EA handling your shopping, this template is a great collaborative tool. 

Even if you think it’s too late for this, it’s not. Log everything given and received so that you have a benchmark for your purchasing budget next year. At the end of the season, you’ll be able to look back and decide who you should add to (or delete from) your list. The tracker also helps avoid duplicate gift-giving and can create an inventory of available items for re-gifting opportunities.

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Giving Thanks to Household Staff

The act of holiday gift-giving to household staff is not merely a customary gesture but a nuanced practice requiring careful consideration. A clear understanding of industry standards for cash gifts combined with meaningful, personalized gestures let your staff know they are seen and appreciated. 

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Relocating Luxury Cars

End of season often means moving vehicles to alternate locations. Luxury cars require special care and attention to get them safely to their new home.

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2023 Board of Directors // Lisa Desboines-Murray

We are pleased to announce that Lisa Desboines-Murray has joined our Board of Directors. Lisa will serve as an industry advisor for 2023.  Lisa’s experience working with candidates and and building a mentorship program will guide the network in our mentorship endeavors.

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