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Ensuring a Smooth Event // Run of Day Planning

Ensuring a Smooth Event // Run of Day Planning

A “run of day” plan is an event version of a “run of show” schedule used in film and television production. In production, there’s one provided to every person who is involved. It provides vital contact information, lists responsible parties, and outlines the sequence of activities. 

When you host a large event, there may be dozens of vendors and service staff on the property who don’t know their way around your estate or how things operate. It’s important to provide these people with the key points of contact on-site, and for those key contacts to know who to expect, and when. The run-of-day serves as both a prompt to keep the event progressing on pace, and a notice if something has been missed. 

The goal here is to create an at-a-glance list of vital information. Keep the content to needed information and crucial notes. Event captains and leads will have more details as needed. Post these at points of staff entry, kitchen, butler pantry, bar, and bussing stations, and anywhere else event staff has designated as a hub or staging area. Your event captain and household staff should all have a printed copy during the party.

I’m sure there are other forms and other names, but as our team works primarily in entertainment communities, this format is familiar to most who serve in celebrity households. We’ve provided our template for Members as a starting point to craft your own run-of-day event outline. It’s an invaluable tool for event management, in whatever form works for your team.


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