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Sharing Estate Management Expertise: Kelly Dixon’s Commitment to Empowerment

Sharing Estate Management Expertise: Kelly Dixon’s Commitment to Empowerment

Estate Management is a complex field that requires a unique blend of skills and knowledge. Kelly Dixon, the founder of Estate Management Systems (EMS), has established herself as a reputable professional in Estate Management circles. With a background in landscaping, contracting, and estate management, Dixon brings a wealth of experience to the field. 

As part of our ‘Summer of Sharing’ series, we’re exploring how Kelly Dixon actively shares her estate management knowledge to empower individuals in the industry and improve professional practices.

Educational Initiatives

Kelly engages with industry professionals through her YouTube channel, “Estate Management Systems.” On this platform, she shares valuable insights, tips, and practical guidance on various estate management and luxury lifestyle topics. Through concise and accessible videos, Dixon provides educational resources to help professionals navigate legal complexities, optimize home maintenance, and improve their overall service delivery.

Once a month, Kelly hosts a live virtual chat series called “Coffee with Kelly,” which offers an informal yet informative environment for private service professionals to learn and engage in discussions. During these sessions, participants can benefit from Dixon’s expertise, gain practical knowledge, and address challenges specific to their roles. These initiatives foster a community of learning and growth within the industry.


Kelly Dixon further contributes to the industry by serving as a speaker and coach. Through personalized coaching sessions, she offers guidance and support to estate managers and personal assistants who provide round-the-clock services to high-net-worth families. Dixon’s coaching focuses on effective leadership, team management, luxury lifestyle management, and proactive home maintenance. By leveraging her experience and knowledge, Dixon helps professionals excel in their roles and exceed client expectations.

Educational Guides

Recently, Kelly added author to her many areas of expertise. Her first ebook: “The Ultimate Guide for Hiring Staff and Maintaining Your Luxury Home” serves as an all-in-one manual for individuals seeking effective strategies and insights in estate staffing.  The guide covers a wide range of topics from becoming a first-time employer to lowering staffing risks, making it a valuable tool for both experienced Estate Managers in a hiring role and luxury homeowners.

Kelly has generously offered a free copy for EMN members:

Download link:

Free Promo Code: ugfree

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