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The Summer of Sharing // Top 5 Ways to Share Your Expertise

The Summer of Sharing // Top 5 Ways to Share Your Expertise

In response to our posts about sharing one’s expertise with the community, some have asked what they could do. Sharing your experience is crucial for professional growth and inspiring others. We have a lot of information collected over decades of private service. Why not put it to use for those who aspire to reach the goals you have already achieved?

There are a number of ways to showcase your knowledge and establish an industry presence. Here’s our Top 5 list, many of which can be accomplished with the Estate Management Network:


1 – Blogging for the Estate Management Network (wink)

Example: Share your experiences in the form of personal stories, lessons learned, and inspirations. If you’re feeling ambitious, write a how-to guide or an in-depth article about the fundamentals in Estate Management or overcoming specific EM challenges.

Try: WordPress (EMN is a WordPress site), Blogger, Medium

Tips: Consistently publish high-quality articles, use relevant keywords, engage with readers through comments, and promote your blog on your social media. Create a professional brand and keep your style and tone consistent if possible.


2- Speaking at Events and Conferences:

Example: Present at conferences and industry events, sharing your expertise on topics like estate management trends or maximizing staff efficiency. You don’t have to wait for them to come to you; If you see an event announced, ask if they’re looking for a guest speaker.

Try: PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi

Tips: Prepare engaging presentations, share real-life examples, connect with the audience, and provide valuable takeaways for attendees. Keep track of who attended your talk and connect with them following the event.


3- Collaborating on LinkedIn:

Example: Leverage LinkedIn by participating in relevant industry groups, posting thought leadership content, and collaborating with peers in the field. EMN has almost 3000 people following and our page and we have a reach of over 20,000; it’s a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

Try: LinkedIn Creator, LinkedIn Publishing, EMN page on LinkedIn

Tips: Share valuable content regularly, engage in meaningful conversations, build connections with industry individuals, and provide actionable insights to establish your authority.


4- Create Social Media Content:

Example: Create short videos or informational posts for platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, where you can share quick tips, showcase your expertise, and answer frequently asked questions.

Try: iMovie, Wondershare, Canva

Tips: Keep videos concise and engaging, provide valuable information, use high-quality visuals and audio, optimize for searchability, and encourage interaction. Include multiple slides in your posts and set up a Link in Bio or Buffer Start Page to link back to your blog posts, profile, or website.


5- Writing Industry-specific E-books:

Example: Author an informative e-book on a specific topic in estate management or perhaps a an inspirational personal memoir: “The Secrets to Success in Estate Management.” Write what you know and it will be well-received.

Try: Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener

Tips: Conduct thorough research, provide practical tips and insights, format your e-book professionally, and consider self-publishing on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or releasing the book as a digital download. BE SURE to carefully edit or get an editor. Nothing crushes credibility like a careless typo in a permanent document. 

Remember, sharing your expertise is not only beneficial for others but also for your own professional growth. Choose the strategies that align with your strengths and preferences, and enjoy the journey of making a positive impact in the estate management industry!

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