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Hiring The Perfect Candidate

As a private service placement agency, it is our job to source the proverbial “perfect candidate.” The question here is where does the “perfect candidate” come from? One of the myriad of criteria will always remain the matter of the Principal’s comfort, especially when weighing hiring locally versus relocating a candidate. Considering the costs of in-person interviews, unforeseen relocation liabilities, and the cache of knowledge “being a local” provides, it’s easy to see why a professional placement agency searches locally first.  Less hassle, less drama, and better logistics always make things easier.

Upfront Costs

Nothing beats an in-person interview. However, in-person interviews for out-of-town candidates can get expensive, especially considering airline tickets, lodging, rental cars, and per diems to mention a few of the more obvious costs.

Some positions require multiple in-person interviews and trials that multiply these expenses. Finally, if the candidate lands the job, relocation expenses can range from $3,000 to $8,000+.

Unforeseen Liabilities

There are also hidden costs for the Principal, like the timing of relocating a new hire – will they be able to start when the Principal needs them to? With relocating hiccups in the best of times, will the new hire be distracted by personal needs throughout their relocation? What about hidden psychological costs? Will the Principal feel personally responsible for keeping their new Private Service Professional because of their financial investment and moving someone where they have neither friends nor family? What happens in 60-90 days if things start not working out? A private service placement agency needs to ask if all this trouble is something the Principal is willing to deal with. Is it worth it?

Local Knowledge

Believe it or not, some things you can’t learn or find on Yelp or through Google Reviews. Local hires have local knowledge, like someone who knows what streets to avoid during a Mavs game or when local vendors get fresh deliveries. Local knowledge extends beyond streets and vendors, like when “knowing a guy” from your Rolodex means meeting the Principal’s needs in a critical situation. Of all the upsides of hiring locally, intimate local knowledge cannot be reproduced or learned fast enough.

A placement agency needs to keep the Principal’s comfort and convenience at the forefront of what we do. At EMS, we believe you start the candidate search locally when you want better placement results with fewer hassles.  While we do not eliminate a great professional from consideration due to their location, we may move them to the “nest up” pile while we make sure there isn’t anyone local that can fill the needs of the client.

As a side note, this is the timeframe in which you may not hear from the agency listing the position.  We sometimes need to take the time to focus on the local candidates.  As David Gonzalez of says, “Don’t read anything into not hearing back.”  It just means that our energy is focused on those that are the ideal local fit; if you are patient, kind and professional, your call will come.

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