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Does Your Event Need a Waiver?

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Throughout the year, and especially during the holidays, we host a number of events at our properties attended by high profile individuals. Each time our principals host a party, they’re exposed to certain liabilities ranging from accidental injury to the responsibilities of an open bar and privacy concerns. At what point do you need to cover your events with a waiver of liability?

When considering whether your event may require a waiver, ask yourself questions like these: 

  • Is food or alcohol being served? 
  • Will there be photos taken or filming during the event? 
  • Have you hired artists or performers who have copyrighted work or exclusive use of their image or material?
  • Are there physical activities or competitions involved? 
  • Will children be in attendance? 
  • Will you allow swimming, have any rides, or offer a bounce house?
  • Are there non-domestic animals at the event?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, you may need a waiver for your next event. If something were to occur, you’ll want to have a record that each guest assumed responsibility for their actions and agreed to the terms of their participation. It can be beneficial to list out any and all activities that attendees may be asked to participate in with the invite, so they can fully appreciate and understand what the event will entail. Putting this in writing can help protect your principal or organization, as it shows you’ve done your part to inform attendees.

You can create a general waiver that includes multiple circumstances, or specific waivers of liability, media, participation, or whatever your party entails. While every waiver will be unique to the event and circumstances, we have a few customizable options in our waiver template pack to get you started.

Here are the essential sections to include in your event’s waiver:

  • First and last names (and designated Guardians for minors)
  • Phone number 
  • Email address
  • Covered circumstances. Avoid vague language here. Be as specific as possible when listing your event’s potential risks and liabilities to ensure there are no surprises. 
  • Signature or virtual acknowledgement
  • Date of completion

Your waiver should be easy to find and complete. You can provide a pre-filled sign in sheet at the door, a digital waiver, or skip the lines and send a waiver in advance of the event, as part of the RSVP process. and are examples of companies that provide digital waivers. 

While waivers aren’t the most exciting topic, and can sometimes seem awkward, they’re critical to protecting your event, principal, or property against lawsuits. When you’re organizing your next event, remember to take another look at your exposure and make sure your waivers are relevant and up to date.


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