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Industry Partner Spotlight: Nines

The Estate Management Network is please to welcome our latest Industry Partner: Nines, a household management platform designed for discerning estates and the private service professionals who support them.

Nines was developed out of a recognition of the challenges that come with increased wealth. As families experience what Nines calls the “wealth spiral”, they experience an increase in complexity, and can suddenly find themselves in a state of chaos; running on paper house manuals, spreadsheets, text messages, and a range of cobbled-together software solutions, setting everyone in the household up for failure. The Nines platform aims to relieve that issue by serving as a centralized household manual and operating system for managing properties, assets, vendors, staff, tasks, and more.

Nines’ primary goal is to provide unparalleled support for private service professionals. This support is achieved not only via their household management platform, but with educational opportunities and a social network for PSPs. “We give private service professionals a place to turn for professional development, consulting and community, because private service professionals deserve better backup. With the help of the Nines platform, our Modern Household Management Workshops, and the Easemakers community, private service professionals can streamline household operations and learn how to navigate any challenge.”

The platform is continually evolving to help private service professionals streamline operations. They’re developing exciting new features designed to help schedule tasks efficiently, organize information intuitively, manage projects with ease, and report on a team’s progress effectively, all with the aim of saving time and allowing Estate Managers to focus on their core responsibilities and enjoy their jobs more. 

The team behind Nines is a passionate group of individuals with diverse backgrounds in technology, education, and private service. The co-founders, Jacco de Bruijn and Mohamed Elzomor, offer a unique blend of experience. Mohamed, a renowned private fitness trainer, has worked closely with numerous ultra-high net-worth clients and the service professionals who ensure their lives run smoothly. Jacco, a management consultant turned tech startup entrepreneur, brings a strong desire to fix broken processes in niche industries. Together, they bring a distinct perspective to household management technology.

Nines boasts supporting team members including Kristin Twiford, the Director of Content & Brand and co-host of the Easemakers Podcast, and Shelby Boudreau, an experienced Estate Manager and leader of the Modern Household Management Workshops. The platform enjoys backing from VCP Ventures, with Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez as key investors, and valuable advice from estate management and housekeeping expert Marta Perrone.

As Nines expands its platform, they are committed to further developing the Easemakers community and offering educational resources for private service professionals. Their recent recognition as a finalist for the 2023 Family Wealth Report awards and a top Family Office solution in Forbes has only bolstered their resolve to move the industry forward. “Private service is an incredibly challenging career path, and in the past, the industry lacked opportunities for connection and professional development. Today, we’re grateful to work with a number of industry partners — like the Estate Management Network — who are shining a light on this important work, sharing their expertise, and helping to make this career path less lonely. We can’t wait for the 2024 Estate Management Conference, and we look forward to seeing so many of our industry friends in the new year! “

You can connect with Nines in a number of ways: fill out this contact form or reach out to their team any time at he***@ni*********.com. You can also connect with Jacco and Mohamed on LinkedIn, and of course, find them in the Easemakers community. Plus, follow along with Nines on LinkedIn and Instagram, and be sure to subscribe to the Easemakers Podcast to hear from industry experts on a regular basis.

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