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Estate Management Network Receives 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Status

Estate Management Network Receives 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Status

The Estate Management Network is pleased to announce that it has been granted 501(c)3 tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This significant milestone solidifies the organization’s commitment to its mission of providing professional resources, education, and networking opportunities to Estate Managers, Directors of Residences, Chiefs of Staff, and other upper-management roles in private service.

As the premier organization in the field of Estate Management, the Estate Management Network strives to raise the profile of the profession, develop industry standards and best practices, and facilitate career advancement opportunities for individuals pursuing a career in this field.

We are thrilled to have obtained 501(c)3 status from the IRS. This designation reflects our dedication to serving our community and advancing the profession of Estate Management. We look forward to continuing to provide valuable resources and support to our members.

The Estate Management Network extends its gratitude to its members, partners, and supporters for their continued commitment and looks forward to furthering its mission of professional development and networking in the field of Estate Management.

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As Estate Managers, we’re responsible for everyTHING on the properties we manage. It’s imperative that we are able to easily access information regarding furnishings, art, tech, and home systems at a moment’s notice.

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