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The Estate Management Network is truly a community effort. We invite and encourage experts in high value property and lifestyle management to share their insights, experiences, and stories in and effort to enrich and engage the estate management community.

Submitting an article is easy! Read the EMN publishing guidelines below, and use your Pro Member dashboard to upload content directly to the site for approval. If you’re not a Pro Member, email your post and image link to:

Articles are published on the website and distributed throughout the month via social media. Some articles may be held for future publication in theme-specific conversations.


It is recommended that posts are in the 400-600 word range. Posts that announce events or vendors  may be less and still be published.

Topics / Categories

General Topics are:
Estate (property, grounds, furnishings, housekeeping, technology, security, staff, services…)

Estate Management (the profession of managing all aspects of an estate and the resources and education needed)

Behind the Scenes (what it’s like to be in the private service industry and the EM life)

Events (networking events, classes, workshops, live podcasts…)

Little Black Book (resources, tools, vendors, classes…)


Images are recommended to add perspective and personality. EMN may or may not use the images submitted. We may find an imaged more appropriate for the aesthetic of the website and reserves the right to publish the article with a photo of the Publisher’s choice.


Authors may suggest links to relevant, useful further reading. Affiliate links, ad links or trackbacks to Author content on other pages will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Social media links may be placed in the Author profile.


The Estate Management Network “EMN” / “Publisher” invites you, the “Author” to submit your blog post, announcement, or event, ‘Article’ to be considered for publication on the EMN website.

By submitting an Article, you agree to be bound by the terms of the EMN Article Submission Agreement set forth below.

1. The Author agrees that after submitting an article to EMN, that this writing is now the property of EMN as the Publisher. The Author grants the Publisher the exclusive right to publish the Article on both the EMN website and derivative and ancillary forms of its publication. The Author grants permission for the Article to remain on the EMN website indefinitely.

2. The Author acknowledges that the Publisher may give permission for the Article to be duplicated for free distribution for educational purposes, and may use a portion or description of the Article in promotional material. All requests for commercial reprints will be referred to the Author.

3. The Author grants the Publisher the right to edit or abridge the Article at its discretion, and to select a title and appropriate art to appear with the Article. It is EMN’s intent not to change the meaning or content of the Article. Our editing concerns revolve mostly around accurate usage, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It may be necessary to edit for length to fit available space.

4. The Author affirms that he or she is the sole author and proprietor of the Article; that the Author has full power and authority to sign this Agreement; that the Article is not in the public domain (has not been previously published); and that the Article does not infringe any statutory or common law copyright or any proprietary right of any third party.

5. The Author also affirms that the Article does not invade the right of privacy of any third person, or contain any matter libelous or otherwise in contravention of the rights of third persons; and that all statements in the Article asserted as facts are true or based upon reasonable research for accuracy.

6. The Author agrees to hold the Publisher harmless from any loss, damage, or expense including attorneys’ fees) arising out of or for the purpose of avoiding any suit, proceeding claim or demand for settlement that may be brought against the Publisher by reason of the publication or distribution of the Article, based on the contents of the Article.

7. Photographs that personalize the Article are encouraged. We reserve the right to use or not use the photo depending on quality and space. By sending photographs to the editor, the author warrants that he or she has obtained permission for publication from the adults shown in the photograph and authorizes EMN to publish the image on its website, or in other publications. Photographs of children under age 18 who are identifiable require a Depiction Release signed by a parent or guardian.

8. Because EMN is a nonprofit organization, we do not have the ability to compensate you financially for the Article. We do offer an author bio page and allow link backs to author’s social media profiles or blog in an effort to promote and expand network connections.

Kimberly Varney

Estate Staffing Design

A staffing design plan can be used to pitch your plans to the family office, the Chief of Staff, or whoever will need to approve your hiring. This exercise can also be the basis for your staffing budget, job descriptions, and scheduling.

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Household Safety Training

Being knowledgeable of safety standards and best practices can mean the difference between a smoothly running household and accidents or injuries for yourself or your staff. As the Estate Manager, you should provide guides, instructions, and manuals as well as include MSDSs in easily accessible notebooks or your Estate Manual for your staff to access when needed. Here are some item to include in your training and manual:

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