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Meet Marc Sorensen Leandro of Sorensen Staffing

Meet Marc Sorensen Leandro of Sorensen Staffing

About Me

My journey in Domestic Service began in San Francisco in 2005 wove through Normandy, France, stretched across a decade in New York City, two years in LA, and circled back to the Bay Area. Since 2018, I have made my home in Berkeley, CA, with my twin boys, Max and Otis. Growing up in Newport, RI, and working in restaurants from age 14, instilled in me a work ethic that balances total dedication with a genuine love of the work I do.


Background and Experience

I enjoyed a 15-year career as a Private Chef for high-profile clients in California, New York, and Europe. The idea of recruiting occasionally crossed my mind, but it wasn’t until I became the Lead Chef Recruiter at Domestic Match that I realized how much recruiting lit me up! The entire process, from start to finish, fascinated me, and I quickly became hooked. Opening my own boutique agency was the next logical step, and I’m thrilled to share it with you!

My Motivation

Sorensen Staffing is best summed up by the guiding principle, “Let’s Make This Easy.”  I saw an opportunity to alleviate the burdens associated with finding the right domestic professional by infusing the process with simplicity, clarity, and most of all, ease. We aim to simplify the often-complex world of Domestic Staffing recruitment. The tangible goal at Sorensen Staffing is to forge deep, meaningful connections that extend well beyond an initial placement and provide a lasting, positive impact on both households and professionals. Our fulfillment peaks, never more than when we hear client and candidate success stories months or years later. This sense of achievement is the cornerstone of all we do at Sorensen Staffing,

What Sets Us Apart…

Sorensen Staffing aims to be a breath of fresh air in the Domestic Staffing industry and a testament to the power of personalized attention. Our foundation is the real-world experience I bring from years in Domestic Service, equipping us to understand and meet the diverse needs of families and professionals alike. We prioritize clear, open communication and a heavily tailored approach to every search, ensuring seamless matches between clients and candidates. Rejecting the notion that recruitment has to be complicated, we strive for an experience that’s not just effective but genuinely enjoyable for everyone involved. At Sorensen Staffing, we foster a culture that values professionalism without stiffness, encouraging a welcoming, highly effective recruitment experience. Join us in redefining Domestic Staffing with a human touch.

Services Provided

Our range of services covers the full spectrum of Domestic Staffing, including Private Chefs, Estate Managers, Assistants, and childcare professionals, including part-time roles when requested. We offer our services throughout the US and can assist with searches abroad by way of a European partnership.

Additional Insights

At the core of Sorensen Staffing is a belief in the power of enduring relationships. Whether it’s an Estate Manager looking for the perfect team member or a professional aiming to advance their career, we’re here to guide, support, and enhance your experience at every turn, in unexpected ways. As an LGBTQ-owned agency, we also live our values of diversity and inclusion every day.

Sorensen Staffing is offering a 10% reduction in fees exclusively for EMN Network members in good standing, for their first search with us. Please reach out to me directly to start that conversation and to get your search moving! 

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