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The Ultimate Agency List

The Ultimate Agency List

In September we sent out a poll asking for your favorite domestic agencies. We’ve tallied the responses and put together the ‘Ultimate Agency List’ for our Members. 

Some of you included a kind note about your experience with a particular agent or agency. We thought we share some of those here as well:

“Tejai knows what she is doing, she has worked in the roles she recruits for and stays with the client and candidate throughout the first year managing ,the first year of employee evaluation process, and was incredibly helpful as a resource. She has placed me in my recent and previous position 8 years ago. She is the only agency that actually cares about the talent. She wants it to be a good fit for both the client and the candidate.” – about Tejai Singh of Luxe Managers

“There isn’t anyone else I would work with in LA  for staffing a household other than Elise. She meets every candidate in person and makes site visits to principal’s homes. She’ll take the time to match the right candidate with the right job. We never have problems with her placements.” -about Elise Lewis of Distinguished Domestics Services

“Just very real and down to earth people who are also kind and responsive. What more could a candidate ask for?” –about Vanessa King  and Sarah Tyler from Hire Society

“Michael went above and beyond for me for my nanny placement. Things got very heated when the client crawled back on her salary offer and I had already given my notice with my current employer. Michael guided us through and everything worked out. I’m still there to this day and talk to them on a regular basis. Highly recommend!” – about Michael from Handgraaf Estates

“The agents are kind, trustworthy, and actually respond to your inquiries!” -about the Wellington Agency

“Jack knows everyone and can get you into a job that isn’t even available yet.” – about Jack Lippman from Elizabeth Rose Agency

“Dan wood is amazing as are the team he has built. Respect, follow through, and clear communication.” -about Daniel Wood from Domestic Match

“Their team is unlike no other. They’re honest, responsive, and intelligent. I’ve worked with many agencies and none are like them. Jeslie and Gold are LIFE CHANGERS. They are the best.” -about Riveter Consulting Group

“Carmen will hustle for you. She works in collaboration with other agencies to present you with all of the options available. Highly recommend.”  -about Carmen Garcia of Hudson Staffing


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