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Decorum in Private Service Networking

Decorum in Private Service Networking

The relationship between a Principal and their Private Service Professionals can be amazing. Mutual respect, clear boundaries, and well-defined expectations help everyone enjoy their work and professional arrangements. But sometimes, specific issues that can disrupt this careful balance pop up, like misunderstanding networking among PSPs. The truth is networking among PSPs helps professionals and Principals alike.

Bruce Wayne or Batman?

The hallmark of a Private Service Professional is professionalism and discretion. As such, professionals can maintain a strict separation between their work and non-work lives, even when living in the home they serve. The heart of this balance is decorum, always keeping in good taste and propriety. Just as it would be inappropriate for an employee to circumvent policies in the corporate world, the same applies to private service. But this also holds for Principals, especially concerning PSP social networking outside of working hours. Yes, Google employees have Facebook accounts, and PSP networking is nothing to be afraid of.

Networking is not Gossiping.

With limits on socializing brought about by the pandemic, PSPs can struggle to recover from the same stress isolation created for everyone. Networking events among PSPs can relieve the monotony of only going between work and home. Breaking up the routine with new friendships, discovering new resources, and developing new skills are vital in the industry. Networking is not gossiping, and PSPs understand that the Principal’s confidence is the realm’s currency.

Decorum in All Things.

A Principal’s confidence in a Private Service Professional pays dividends for everyone involved. Professionalism and discretion buoys confidence, and vice versa. Decorum from a Private Service Professional allows the Principal to enjoy the lifestyle they work hard to protect, and a Principal’s confidence lets the PSP continue the work they love, and a lifestyle few can claim. Therefore, the Principal can rest assured that no confidential information is at risk during PSP networking events. 

Professionalism and discretion – that’s the unwritten code for all Private Service Professionals. So the next time your PSP links up with their networking group, relax. Principals, this is your time to shine, especially if they inquire about pay scales and perks.

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