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Category: Family Office

The Exit Interview

The best method for letting a staff member go is to conduct an exit interview as part of off-boarding. We’ve created a guide and templates that will explain the process.

Update Your Employee Handbook

Your employee handbook should be reviewed annually to reflect the changing professional environment as well as the evolving preferences of your principal.

Perfect Candidate

Hiring The Perfect Candidate

As a private service placement agency, it is our job to source the proverbial “perfect candidate.” The question here is where does the “perfect candidate” come from?

Estate Management Salary Survey

One of the Estate Management Network’s  goals this year is to explore the roles, responsibilities, and compensation of Estate Managers.

Estate Staffing Design

A staffing design plan can be used to pitch your plans to the family office, the Chief of Staff, or whoever will need to approve your hiring. This exercise can also be the basis for your staffing budget, job descriptions, and scheduling.

Performance Reviews // The Measure of Success

Exactly how does a household conduct effective Employee Performance Reviews? There are nuances to every home and every family. Good Performance Reviews take this into account. PRO Content.

Tech Resources For Estate Managers


What do you need in your toolbox to be a successful Estate Manager? Find out what resources are available and help us determine what is needed. The panel will be followed by a breakout Q&A / workshop that you’ll automatically be seated in when the discussion ends so that you can add to the conversation. PRO MEMBER CONTENT

Backoffice Admin Outsourcing

We’ll be discussing back office management and the ways Hudson Staffing Services can help including… PRO MEMBER CONTENT

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