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Pennyworth Projects

Pennyworth Projects is a unique agency that specializes in professional and household support roles, including Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Family Assistants, Chiefs of Staff, Coordinators, and more. It distinguishes itself from typical placement agencies by acting as matchmakers, creating connections based on talent, personality, and culture. The team at Pennyworth Projects has firsthand experience in the roles they place, providing a deep understanding of serving executives in both personal and professional capacities. Their focus is on roles that significantly impact the day-to-day lives and businesses of their clients.

The agency recognizes Estate Managers as crucial to their clients’ lives, orchestrating the seamless functioning of both professional and personal domains. The mission of Pennyworth Projects is to assist Estate Managers in building their ideal teams, going beyond resumes to find true partners who can elevate daily success.

Pennyworth Projects offers a range of support, from full-time placements to specialized referrals, enriching the lives of Estate Manager partners and their Principals. The agency intentionally refers to itself as ‘Projects’ and not ‘Staffing,’ emphasizing its commitment to supporting teams in various capacities and durations based on specific needs. The diverse client base includes executives, professionals, and private households, and joining forces with Pennyworth Projects ensures tailor-made support that goes beyond hiring to become a lifestyle.

Founded by Julia Hudson and Lisa Casson, Pennyworth Projects draws on their extensive experience supporting executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and busy households. The agency established its focus on private estates by leveraging a deep understanding of the time-sensitive demands faced by high-profile individuals and their families. The founders have a personal connection with many of their clients, having worked with them in previous roles. The journey began with a commitment to supporting influential leaders and delivering professionalism and efficiency at every turn. Pennyworth Projects caters to a diverse clientele, from tech startup founders to public company CEOs, offering a distinctive, carefully curated approach that consistently matches individuals and businesses with remarkable candidates.

Principals and families turn to Pennyworth Projects for confidential staffing and project support needs that impact their ability to thrive personally and professionally. The agency’s unique expertise in understanding client needs allows it to provide discrete recruiting services or curated project support. The tailored approach ensures the identification of candidates with the requisite skills, experience, professionalism, and commitment required for exclusive environments. Pennyworth Projects values personality, disposition, character, values, style, interests, and passion as much as the information on a resume.

Pennyworth Projects advises placing a strong emphasis on candidates whose values align with the team’s ethos when hiring estate staff. While skills and knowledge can be developed, the agency emphasizes the importance of innate qualities such as character, values, drive, and personality for a successful match in the estate environment. The agency believes in hiring good people who can contribute positively to the household or office environment.

“In our experience, the top qualities essential for a candidate to thrive in a long-term career supporting these types of clients include discretion and trustworthiness, ensuring the utmost confidentiality in client interactions. Exceptional communication skills are crucial for effective client engagement, while adaptability and agility enable the candidate to navigate dynamic situations. Anticipatory skills contribute to proactive client support, and professionalism is paramount in maintaining a positive relationship with the client, but also additional team members and vendors.”

“We always look for someone who will bring their best self to the table, and meet the moment. Attention to detail ensures accuracy in tasks, and adept problem-solving and multitasking abilities are vital for addressing client needs efficiently. People skills, including patience, empathy, and emotional intelligence (“EQ”), enhance every interaction, and help foster positive rapports. Loyalty and dedication are fundamental for building lasting relationships (of course!), and resourcefulness enables innovative solutions to challenges.”

Pennyworth Projects operates in every major city within the United States, with a strong emphasis on places like San Francisco, the broader Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, Aspen, Chicago, and beyond. The agency begins by meeting with the Client or their representative to discuss the needs of the Executive or Household and expectations for the ideal candidate. The process involves developing a character sketch and job description, followed by a full-cycle, confidential search. Pennyworth Projects tailors each search to the individual, family, or office, working with a diverse range of clients, including entrepreneurs, founders, investors, philanthropists, professional athletes, writers, speakers, small businesses, foundations, and busy households.


Contact Information:

For inquiries, individuals can reach out to Pennyworth Projects at he***@pe****************.com. Julia and Lisa personally handle these emails and are eager to set up a time for a conversation. More information is available on their website:

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