Luxury Car Storage

Luxury Car Storage

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Keeping a luxury car in pristine condition is a difficult task to begin with. Keeping a fleet of luxury cars, often scattered across multiple locations, presents a unique challenge for Estate Managers. Luxury, full-service storage garages are a good option for outsourcing care.

What do luxury car storages have to offer?

Routine Maintenance:

Such high end vehicles require regular maintenance and extra care to perform and look the part. Luxury car storages provide the facility to maintain your vehicles, carrying out tasks such as changing fluids, checking tyre pressure, regular startups and much more

Security and Insurance:

High-end storage units usually provide enhanced security and some extra coverage (insurance) just to make it perfectly safe

Ideal environment for your vehicle:

Luxury car storages have a temperature controlled storage unit with the conditions best suited for vehicles

Car Experts:

Usually the storage provides trained staff who are enthusiasts themselves, to take care of your vehicles.

Member Events:

Many of them also hold annual events exclusively for their members.


A Few of the Top Luxury Car Storages 

  • Hudson Stables:

Built in the late 2000’s Hudson Stables is one of the best luxury car storage in New York. It is a 15,000 square foot facility open 24/7 all year long. Especially in a place like New York where real estate is more expensive than usual and people have relatively a smaller space compared to other areas, services like a luxury car storage can really help you clear some space. You can learn more about them at

  • The Motor Enclave

Situated in Tampa, Florida Motor Enclave is a purpose built playground for petrol heads. Built over a 200+ acre site it holds over 300 private garages. Motor Enclave is not only a place to store and enjoy vehicles, the community includes a 1.6 mile circuit and an 80 Acre Off-Road track as well. It is under construction right now and once completed would be one of the best places to store high end vehicles. You can learn more about it at

  • Hagerty Garage + Social

Hagerty is one of the most recognized names in the Luxury car storage industry. Hagerty Garage was envisioned by Bob in 2005. He used to sit with a bunch of friends in a garage where they all kept their cars. It wasn’t really nice but he realized how good it felt to be surrounded by a bunch of enthusiasts just like him. It was first opened in Bedford Hills, New York and now has garages in Chicago, Miami, LA, Seattle, and Toronto. You can learn more about it at:



Household Safety Training

Being knowledgeable of safety standards and best practices can mean the difference between a smoothly running household and accidents or injuries for yourself or your staff. As the Estate Manager, you should provide guides, instructions, and manuals as well as include MSDSs in easily accessible notebooks or your Estate Manual for your staff to access when needed. Here are some item to include in your training and manual:

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