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Event Planning Workbooks

Event Planning Workbooks

On the estates where I have worked, entertaining is a daily occurrence. C-Level breakfast meetings, VIP lunches, and formal dinners are the norm. Even just planning for the general entourage that shows up for cocktails, recording sessions, and pool parties requires advanced preparation. And then there are the parties… It’s not uncommon to have 500+ people and a 7 figure budget for a private Hollywood event.

Large events require detailed tracking and organization. You need to be able to track your budget, Vendors contacts, guest lists, seating arrangements, to-do lists and ideas all in one place. You need a workbook that you can share with your team and outside collaborators as needed.

I love Google sheet for these and am sharing my party workbook with you. This is my go-to template for every event, large or small, that takes place on the estate. I  keep them on file as templates for future events. The next time my boss calls and says ‘let’s do Soulfood Sunday for 50 people tomorrow’, I have everything I need at my fingertips.

These workbooks will become an essential tool in your Estate Manuals and an invaluable reference for past events. They’re  easy to use and customizable.

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