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Defining the Mission

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We started the Estate Management Network after hosting our first virtual conference last January. It was clear that people wanted an opportunity to engage and participate in the conversations that were shaping our industry and were eager to learn from their peers.

Our first year was focused on surveying the community and trying to assess what was needed and how we could provide that. As we look forward to year 2, we have defined our mission and will continue to develop and implement programs to fulfill it. We’ve crafted a mission statement as our guide:


The mission of the Estate Management Network  is to cultivate, educate, evaluate, and advocate for the professional estate management community. 

Our mission is achieved through the following key actions:


  • Facilitate real-world relationships and interaction among estate management professionals
  • Unify the peripheral service community of domestic staff, vendors, educators, and supporting contractors in a common forum
  • Support professional growth and advancement for estate management professionals
  • Inspire successive generations of talented individuals to become estate management professionals


  • Create and promote educational opportunities for estate management professionals
  • Improve the nature, content, and availability of professional education in the industry
  • Establish an accrediting body for professional development hours, continuing education units, and certification courses
  • Curate an accessible collection of data, recorded materials, and resources


  • Conduct appropriate study and research of the industry
  • Create rubrics for measuring best practices and performance
  • Establish principles and procedures for evaluating and validating work experience
  • Certify measured experience and education


  • Raise the professional profile of our industry
  • Establish and promote industry-wide professional standards 
  • Promote optimal workplace environments 
  • Pursue fair labor and compensation practices

The mission may evolve as we grow and learn more from our community. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the mission and welcome your comments in a new forum we’ve created for this topic.

We’re also excited to share some exciting initiatives and new programs in the coming weeks.


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