Starting a Mentorship Program

In a recent conversation with Estate Manager Anthony Barlow, we discussed the various mentors we have worked with throughout our careers. Surprisingly, neither of us had a mentor who was an Estate Manager. This role is a combination of so many different jobs, we’d each sought out experts in speciality niches including business, finance, real estate, construction, hospitality, and service.

We discussed the special challenges that monitorship presents in a private service environment. Each residence presents unique circumstances, confidentiality must remain a priority, and EMs already have limited time. And we talked about the different models that might work for our community including one-on-one mentorship, peer-to-peer, and virtual opportunities. It was clear that there was a lot to discuss and a lot of potential for our community.

To move the conversation forward, the Estate Management Network is developing a mentorship program for our members. If you would like to participate in creating this program, please join the #mentorship-program-planning-committee channel on the EMC Slack.

If you’re an EMN Pro Member and you’d like to see the talk we had on the topic at the Estate Management Conference, check out the replay:…-estate-managers/



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