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Crafting Bespoke Luxury: Introducing our Newest Industry Partner, Jack Grayson

Crafting Bespoke Luxury: Introducing our Newest Industry Partner, Jack Grayson

In the realm of estate management, where luxury and sophistication reign supreme, a creative force has emerged to redefine the art of personalized amenities and bespoke design. We are delighted to introduce the newest addition to our esteemed network of industry partners: Jack Grayson; a visionary designer with a passion for crafting exclusive experiences that elevate private estates to unprecedented levels of personalized opulence.

With a design journey spanning over a decade, Jack Grayson’s background in the creative realm has been primarily rooted in the world of fashion photography. He has had the privilege of capturing both models and celebrities for renowned publications such as Italian Vogue, InStyle, and Essential Homme. His experiences in the fast-paced and production-intensive world of fashion have equipped him with the skills necessary to deliver exceptional creative results within tight timelines.

Jack Grayson’s transition into the niche of private estates began when he was invited to work exclusively for an estate to enhance the experiences of both the estate’s principal and its guests. The role led him to immerse himself in diverse roles encompassing photography, design, and the oversight of production. Jack found the work with private estates to be truly inspiring, with the variety of projects and the level of creativity being completely unique to the private sector.

One of the key aspects Jack emphasizes is the significance of personalized amenities in the world of private estates. For many estate owners, the desire to host their guests in the most incredible and memorable way drives the need for personalized amenities. These amenities include creating experiences and take-home items that are iconic and capture the unique style of the estate. On larger private estates with extensive staff, having a dedicated creative like Jack on call to design and manage creative projects is essential. He not only fulfills the desires of the principal but also provides estate managers, butlers, and chefs with a resource to elevate their service and presentation.

Jack provides clients valuable insights into how to develop a compelling estate ‘brand.’ He stresses the importance of thorough research, delving into historical and aspirational aspects of the estate’s family or individual. The creative process involves distilling this information into a meaningful brand that is relevant and deeply representative of the estate. Staying updated on current art and luxury trends, as well as emerging materials and styles, is also crucial in this endeavor.

Jack Grayson’s base of operations is in New York City, but he travels often. He believes that visiting the estate in person is essential to gain the fullest understanding of what will work for each unique property and family.. Turnaround times for large, original projects are approximately three months.  Typically, production for the items occurs in Europe, where multi-generational craftspeople possess expertise in specific techniques required for the projects. For estates that have last-minute and urgent requests, Jack offers the flexibility to bring production on-site, enabling the creation of bespoke items with as little as 30 minutes’ notice.

We are excited to have Jack Grayson join our Estate Management Network as an Industry Partner Member. His wealth of experience, creative vision, and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable addition to our network. To learn more about Jack Grayson and his work, please visit his website at

We look forward to the collaborations, insights, and innovations that Jack will bring to our network and the world of estate management. 


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