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Summerizing a Seasonal Home

It’s that time of year again….It’s HOT in South Florida. Many of my fellow Estate Managers have headed north. They’re managing summer houses in Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Southampton.

Those of us who remain are closing up shop. We’re not only cleaning up after a busy social season, we’re prepping for hurricanes, king tides, and other terrible weather anomalies that will befall South Florida over the next few months. Our checklist will help you keep track of the essential tasks for summarizing a seasonal home. 




Introducing: Corporate Aviation

The Estate Management Network is pleased to introduce its newest industry partner, Corporate Aviation. As we expand our network to accommodate the diverse needs of our members, Corporate Aviation emerges as a distinguished provider of luxury, personalized, and dependable flight services tailored to corporations and high-net-worth individuals.

Coastal California Story Pole Surveys

If you have managed a construction project in Los Angeles County, particularly in Malibu, you may have been asked to submit your 'story pole survey' to the Planning and Zoning Committee. So, what's a story pole?

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What is an Estate Manager?

There doesn't seem to be a consensus about the role of the Estate Manager. Let's get the conversation going by asking what the job is, what are the skills, experience, and education needed to perform the work, among other requirements. Join a panel that includes the stakeholders in the conversation- an EM, and Employer, an Agency, and an Educator. The panel will be followed by a breakout Q&A and workshop that you'll automatically be seated in when the discussion ends. PRO MEMBER CONTENT

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