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Summerizing a Seasonal Home

It’s that time of year again….It’s HOT in South Florida. Many of my fellow Estate Managers have headed north. They’re managing summer houses in Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Southampton.

Those of us who remain are closing up shop. We’re not only cleaning up after a busy social season, we’re prepping for hurricanes, king tides, and other terrible weather anomalies that will befall South Florida over the next few months. Our checklist will help you keep track of the essential tasks for summarizing a seasonal home. 



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Estate Management as a Business

We’ll hear from 4 individuals offering estate management services who will discuss alternative careers in Estate Management. PRO Content.

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Cleaning a Rare Book Collection

The favorite place for the family to gather in the winter is the library; It’s cozy and warm. There’s a stone fireplace, plush club chairs, and a sense that the freezing world outside has calmed,…...

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Healthy Workplace Programs

Wellness programs encourage talent to move more, eat better, provide financial health, creativity, stress reduction, community engagement, job satisfaction, strong relationships, longevity, mindfulness assistance, and balance.  

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