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Empowering Our Community: Sharing Expertise in Estate Management

Empowering Our Community: Sharing Expertise in Estate Management

The Estate Management Network thrives on the collective knowledge of its members. As seasoned professionals, you possess a wealth of specialized knowledge gained from years of managing complex households.  By sharing your insights, you not only guide newcomers through potential pitfalls but also spark innovation in established practices. 

Your real-world examples can illustrate the nuanced decision-making required in estate management, helping others navigate challenges unique to high-net-worth households and adapt to evolving industry expectations. Now, more than ever, there are accessible, engaging ways for you to share your expertise. Consider these options for adding your voice to the community:


Podcasting offers a personal touch to knowledge sharing. Launch a series discussing estate management challenges and solutions. Episodes could cover topics like crisis management, sustainable estate practices, or interviews with industry leaders.


Anchor ( – Free hosting and distribution

Buzzsprout ( – User-friendly platform with analytics ( – All-in-one solution for recording and hosting

Tips for Success:

  • Maintain a consistent release schedule
  • Invite guest speakers for diverse perspectives
  • Engage with listeners through Q&A episodes

YouTube Channels

YouTube channels provide a visual medium for demonstrating techniques or explaining complex concepts. Create content on topics like staff management, event planning, or property maintenance. 


YouTube Creator Academy ( – Free courses on content creation

TubeBuddy ( – Tools for channel optimization

Tips for Growth:

  • Analyze your video performance using YouTube Analytics
  • Collaborate with other estate management professionals
  • Use end screens and cards to promote your other videos
  • Consider live streaming for Q&A sessions


Mentorship programs foster direct, meaningful connections. Offer your guidance to less experienced managers. The network can help match mentors with mentees based on expertise and goals with our Colleague Connect mentorship program.


Colleague Connect Mentorship handbook Copy of EMN_ColleagueConnect.pdf

What Makes a Good Mentor (

Mentorship for Estate Mangers (

Tips for Success:

  • Encourage your mentee to lead the relationship
  • Be open to reverse mentoring – learning from your mentee
  • Celebrate milestones and achievements
  • Seek feedback to improve your mentoring skills

Writing for the Estate Management Network

Writing for the Estate Management Network remains a cornerstone of our knowledge-sharing efforts. Submit articles on current trends, case studies, or practical tips. Your written insights reach a wide audience of peers and aspiring managers.


Become and Author for EMN (

Hemingway Editor ( – Tool for clear and concise writing

Grammarly ( – Writing assistant for grammar and style

Tips for Impactful Writing:

  • Choose a relevant, timely topic
  • Research current trends and best practices
  • Include personal anecdotes to add authenticity
  • Anticipate and address common questions or objections

Each of us has something to share. Choose a method that aligns with your strengths and schedule. Whether you prefer writing, speaking, or teaching, there’s a platform for your voice. By sharing your knowledge, you’re not just helping others – you’re reinforcing your own expertise and contributing to the advancement of our profession.

The Estate Management Network is here to support your efforts and amplify your message. Reach out to us about contributing an article, or start planning your podcast or video series. Together, we can build a stronger, more knowledgeable estate management community.

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