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Ask an Expert – Marc Sorensen Leandro on Emotional Intelligence in the Job Search

Ask an Expert – Marc Sorensen Leandro on Emotional Intelligence in the Job Search

In our most recent Ask and Expert chat on the Estate Management Network Member’s app,  recruiter Marc Sorensen Leandro shared his thoughts on the crucial role of emotional intelligence (EQ) in private service staffing. 

Leandro, drawing from his background as a chef and recruiter, unpacks the concept of EQ using Daniel Goleman’s five categories: self-awareness, positive motivation, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills. He emphasizes how these traits are vital for both candidates and recruiters in the nuanced world of private service.

The conversation dives into practical strategies for assessing EQ during the hiring process. Leandro highlights the importance of the interview stage, noting that a resume can’t capture a candidate’s true essence. He recommends probing questions like “What is your ideal situation?” to gauge a candidate’s self-awareness and aspirations. 

When it comes to job descriptions, Marc advocates for clarity and directness. He suggests using plain language to attract high-EQ candidates, even if it means being unusually specific about personality traits desired.

The discussion touches on potential red flags during interviews, such as candidates who dominate conversations or show indiscretion about previous employers. Leandro also cautions against those who seem overeager to accept any position without careful consideration.

For job seekers, Leandro offers valuable advice on demonstrating EQ during interviews. He encourages candidates to ask thoughtful questions, show active listening skills, and find a balance between professionalism and authenticity.

Throughout the conversation, Marc underscored the importance of finding the right personality fit in private service roles, highlighting how EQ can be the key ingredient in creating harmonious and effective working relationships in private households.

Members can login and listen to the interview on the Member’s App here:

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