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Lou Hansell: Elevating the Art of Luxury Garment Care

Lou Hansell: Elevating the Art of Luxury Garment Care

In the world of high-end fashion, personal expression and status play out in bespoke luxury garments; from the intricately designed gowns that grace the red carpet to the carefully curated closets of discerning individuals. Yet, amidst the array of high-end accessories and wardrobe essentials, one item often remains overlooked: the humble garment hanger. 

Enter Lou Hansell; a visionary luxury clothing hanger company that has transformed this essential closet accessory into a work of art. Co-founder and CEO Pamela Kugel shared that “The inspiration for Lou Hansell came from our pursuit to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Wanting to bring beauty to closets and protect fine wardrobes, we created the finest garment hanger the world has ever known.”

The Lou Hansell hanger is a result of years of development, with a design engineered to perfection using over 20 delicate parts. Kugel explains, “The garment hanger’s intentional design was engineered to perfection with more than 20 delicate parts, which today is controlled under six sigma practices. Underneath its sculpted form and inner workings, the detail of a rotating hook locks into 4 positions, created by 8 intricate parts synchronized perfectly to create the ‘voice’ of luxury. As a final mark of perfection a serial number is assigned to each unique piece.”

The hanger’s shape was developed in consultation with bespoke tailors from Savile Row to ensure that fine details such as sleeveheads and lapels were precisely supported, giving garments maximum wear. Kugel notes, “The hanger was imagined to replicate the human form — the ultimate way to protect garments for maximum wear.”

Customization is a key aspect of Lou Hansell’s offerings, with a Bespoke Collection featuring 51 leather choices and options for embossing or embroidering monograms, crests, or business marks. Kugel notes, “Reflecting one’s personality and style was intentional from the original concept of our pieces. In some cases, we’ve commissioned artwork for special projects, as well as used special leathers for matching existing leatherwork in a client’s closet.”

The craftsmanship behind each Lou Hansell hanger is remarkable, with artisans forging the metal, hand-polishing and painting the hook and base, and pairing them together. Kugel reveals, “Each hanger takes 15 hours to create, with quality and craftsmanship at the forefront.” Jacket and suit hangers from the Collection are wrapped by hand in Italian leather at the company’s Bespoke Studio in the UK.

Clients appreciate Lou Hansell hangers for both their beauty and environmental impact. Kugel shares, “Our clients enjoy our pieces for many different reasons. While some love the beauty it brings to their closets, others appreciate the impact the hangers can have on the environment. Not only were the pieces designed to last using sustainable materials, but the intentional shape of the garment hangers protects and preserves their clothing for maximum wear.”

Sustainability is a core value for Lou Hansell, with materials carefully selected for their quality and eco-friendly properties. “Material selection was very intentional with the highest level of quality and sustainable properties at the forefront,” Kugel states. “The leather from Milan, for example, was sourced for qualities like its USDA biobased certification, and luxury quality. And, the metal used to create our pieces, aluminum, possesses the ability to retain its properties even after recycling, almost infinitely.”

Looking to the future, Kugel states, “Lou Hansell is always pushing the boundaries to create new opportunities to transform the ordinary into extraordinary — whether it be through refining our pieces even more or developing new products that are purposeful and bring beauty to the world.”

Lou Hansell’s commitment to intentional design, uncompromising craftsmanship, and sustainable luxury sets a new standard in garment care. These exquisite hangers not only protect and preserve couture collections but also bring beauty and purpose to the essential closet accessory.


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