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Healthy Workplace Programs

Healthy Workplace Programs

I am very used to working in environments that have very robust wellness programs that offer a wide range of resources and events that go beyond healthy habits, mainly to promote preventative care. Programs which encourage talent to move more, eat better, provide financial health, creativity, stress reduction, community engagement, job satisfaction, strong relationships, longevity, mindfulness assistance, and balance.  

I would have team meetings with beverages and snacks. Monthly team meetings with lunch or dinner. We always celebrated holidays with a meal together. If vendors were onsite, the vendors were invited as well.  

Sometimes things as simple as knowing what people’s love languages are and supporting that helps too. For example there was a housekeeper I managed whose love language was acts of kindness and gift giving. So whatever food was not used for the Principal / Chef and household staff, the housekeeper took pride in picking fruits and vegetables and creating gift baskets for the vendors as a thank you. That made her feel so good.

One thing that is important for me is knowing I am supported in my love for all walks of life, because to me there is nothing more important than that. I was scheduled to have a meeting with all the Estate Managers one day and then 20 min before the meeting security alerted me that a hummingbird flew into the window and fell. Quickly we put the bird in a box, I emailed my direct report and told her what happened, and told her I was going to miss the meeting because I was taking the bird to animal services to try and save its life. My boss said, “that bird is very lucky that your team is there to support its life and to circle back with XYZ for the meeting minutes to get any info I might need”. 

Wellness programs can include so many things: here is what I have seen:

Mental and Physical Health:

  • Healthy lunch and snacks
  • Confidential support for issues that are unique to the individual: stress reduction, anxiety, weight loss, nutrition education, etc. 
  • Soda, sugar, or smoking cessation programs
  • Fitness Club reimbursements 
  • Paramedical services like massage therapy, Rolfing, stretching, yoga, meditation, team building retreats, acupuncture
  • Biometric screening with health coaching
  • Drink more water challenges 
  • Share health articles and resources
  • Ergonomic work stations at work and at home– because you know your staff is working from home sometimes, even off the clock

Financial and Time:

  • HSA accounts
  • Tax preparation assistance 
  • Transportation assistance
  • Employee development programs, tuition reimbursement, professional membership allowance, training
  • 401k plans and coaching to understand what the future will look like
  • A stipend to support a fun perk for supporting a hobby
  • Community service paid time off and donation matching
  • PTO, Vacation, Sick Time, holiday Time, Bereavement Time, Volunteer time off, flexible switch days if you have to work a holiday or more than 5 days in a row

Rewards and Team Building:

  • Give employees autonomy
  • Celebrate employee’s successes
  • Have recognition weeks like: Housekeeping Week or Facilities Week
  • End of the year Bonus is separate from Holiday gifting
  • Decorate staff areas for the holidays
  • Hold staff olympics for fun Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Book Clubs, give employees an option tot choice from 3 books the Principals choose once every quarter
  • Monthly appreciation gifts, especially for your Managers
  • Travel perks and support 

A company called Wellspring offers an employee assistance program with access to supporting staff with life challenges like elder care, illness, grief and loss, stress and depression, financial counseling, family challenges, legal matters, and much more like referrals for home repair, relocation, pet sitters, identity theft, discounts, and volunteer opportunities. I have also used Vantage Fit in the past in households for rewards & recognition platform 

I hope this helps. I even had a boss pay for my bi-weekly hair blow-drys so it would give me an opportunity to get a change of scenery, pamper myself, and also use that time to read / catch up on emails. It was the Principal’s idea actually. Quite genius. 

These are examples of how a leader gives acceptance and understanding to an individual on a team. We all have things that are important to us. There is nothing wrong with supporting an individual in their passions. This is how you build rapport, trust, respect, commodore and loyalty which all result in talent wanting to do their best work.

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