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Hurricane Prep and Response

The Estate Management Network’s “Hurricane Preparation and Response Checklist” provides Estate Managers with a structured approach to hurricane preparedness. The document outlines a three-phase strategy: preparation, action, and recovery.

The preparation phase emphasizes proactive measures, focusing on communication and resource assessment. It recommends implementing multichannel communication systems and updating contact information. Estate managers are guided to evaluate the status of people, assets, and facilities, while establishing a clear chain of command. Human safety is prioritized, with directions for reviewing evacuation procedures and implementing drills.

As a storm approaches, the action phase details steps for relocating assets, moving personnel, and activating response teams. It stresses the importance of continuous communication and timely cessation of nonessential operations. Documentation is highlighted as critical, particularly for insurance purposes. 

The recovery phase begins with contacting insurance companies and contractors. It guides managers through damage assessment, including checks on utilities and potential hazards. The checklist provides direction on securing properties against further damage and addressing issues like saltwater damage and mold prevention.

This plan acknowledges the unique challenges of coastal estates, balancing immediate recovery with long-term planning. It serves as a tool for proactive risk mitigation in estate management; crucial for protecting high-value properties against natural disasters.

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