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Colleague Connect Mentorship Program


Colleague Connect is a social mentorship program designed to facilitate meaningful conversations, foster collaboration, and encourage knowledge-sharing among leaders in private service. Through the platform, professionals can seek advice, guidance, and mentorship on various topics related to private service at their convenience.

How it works:

  • Colleagues are matched based on their interests, experience, title, and goals.
  • Participants can schedule one-on-one chats to discuss issues, seek advice, or simply share experiences.
  • The program operates on a flexible schedule, allowing colleagues to connect at a time that suits them best.
  • An initial 6-week program offers suggestions and prompts for your weekly sessions, as well as a resource library on mentorship roles and best practices.

Free for EMN Pro Members



Why participate?

Colleague Connect can help you take your career tot he next level by working with a fellow Estate Management professional to learn a new concept, improve a skill, work out an issue, or gain access to valuable resources. As a Mentor or Mentee, you can:

  • Give and receive quality feedback – Learn from someone who’s ‘been there and done that’ and use your expertise to guide and support others
  • Display leadership skills – Establish yourself as someone with a growth mindset who can help support your the Estate Management community
  • Network – Get to know your professional network on a more personal and productive level

What do I get?

Your membership in the program includes unlimited access to the mentorship platform and a private networking group on our Member’s app.

When you join your colleagues and submit your profile through the Colleague Connect app and you’ll be matched with the right Mentor or Mentee based on your unique skills and goals.

The platform has all of the tools needed to schedule and track your mentorship sessions, as well as a full library of mentorship resources. We’re here to support you every step of the way and ensure you make the most of the program!

What does it cost?

We charge a one-time registration fee to cover the mentorship app, which charges a fee per user, and the admin assistant who will process registrations and set up members on the platform. Also, we’ve found that people who are serious about participating will make an investment in the program. These people are more likely to show up and contribute to the process. FREE for EMN Pro Members. 

Join Colleague Connect today and tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the private service industry. Whether you’re seeking guidance on estate management, staff training, or any other aspect of private service, Colleague Connect provides a platform for collaborative learning and growth.

*Please note, we are in the pre-launch registration phase right now. We expect it may be a few weeks until we have enough people to effectively launch the program. The first cohort will launch June 1. Register now to be included!

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