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Tag: Member Events

Monthly Member Workshop // Setting the Standards for an EM

Part of the ongoing mission of the Estate Management Network is to develop standards and best practices for Estate Managers. We started a conversation about how to ‘qualify’  or  define an Estate Manager at the EM Conference.

March Member Meeting

Monthly Membership meeting of the Estate Management Network

February Member Meeting

February Member Meeting Agenda: Welcome New Members, Estate Management Conference assessment and notes, Update on Planning Committee, Call for Contributors – April

EMN Joins 5 Star Service on Clubhouse

It’s our first time on Clubhouse! Peter Van Ryder was kind enough to extend an invitation to 5 Star Service, the group he co-hosts with its founder, Latricia Friend. Among other topics, we’ll be discussing networking and the upcoming Estate Management Conference.

Estate Management Conference // REPLAY

The 2022 Estate Management Conference is an opportunity to assess the state of our industry. It’s the beginning of a conversation that will drive an agenda for 2022. Through a mix of live webinars, interactive breakout sessions, one-on-one meet and greets, and pre-recorded content, both presenters and attendees will be able to share their thoughts and experiences with the community.

Alison Housten

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