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The Estate Management Conference // Replay

The Estate Management Conference // Replay

The 2022 Estate Management Conference created an opportunity to assess the state of our industry. Through a mix of live webinars, interactive breakout sessions, one-on-one meet and greets, and pre-recorded content, both presenters and attendees were able to share their thoughts and experiences with the community.

The conference was held over 8  hours on January 29, 2022; 5.5 hours of meetings bookended with open networking. You can catch the replay here:

What’s the format for the conference?

The conference will be virtual, with several styles of presentation; each programmed in a 30-minute window. The plan is for a 25-minute presentation, wrap-up, and time for presenters to log in to their next event.

  • “Panels” will be via virtual webinar, with a panel of speakers who can interact with each other, and an audience that participates by viewing-only and submitting comments.
  • “Q&A / Chat Tables and Workshops” Throughout the day, we’ll schedule live, hosted chat tables for follow up questions and discussions that accommodate up to 8 people per table. Attendees can hop in at will to join the table Host – much like table hopping in real life. These are for free-form conversation, networking, and small group discussions. It’s a great way to meet people.
  • “Presenter Sessions” can take one of two forms: Pre-recorded video or a live virtual meeting for up to 50 people. Presenters can choose to invite up to participants ‘on stage’ to interact with the conversation. Pre-recorded video is scheduled into the conference agenda, but is available for viewing throughout the day.

The content that is recorded or submitted to the conference will be archived at the event site for an additional 30 days so that people who missed a live session have an opportunity to see it. In the future, the content will be archived on the website.

What’s the timing for the conference?

The Conference will open and close with networking time via an interactive live virtual social platform. Starting at 11:00 am EST, attendees can log into the social hall to register their profiles and network with other early attendees. At noon we’ll bring everyone together for Panel topic conversations followed by sessions and activities attendees can choose from. We’ll wrap at 6:00 pm EST  with a final presentation followed by open networking.

A virtual ‘Agency and Vendor Hall’ will be open throughout the day for attendees to connect with Agencies and check to what Vendors have to offer. *Please note, Agencies and Vendors may schedule their live meeting times and may not be at their lounges all day as they attend other events.

For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit the conference WEBSITE

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