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Coffee With Kelly

Coffee With Kelly

Tune in for tips that make life easier for estate managers and personal assistants in these 20-minute online group sessions — all in the time it takes to enjoy your coffee.

Upcoming sessions (all 9 am Pacific)

March 27, 2022

Selecting the Right Employer:
Interview Questions You Should Be Asking Them

April 24, 2022

Manage Your House Manual:
Secret Tips For Finishing This Year!


Kelly also provides FREE industry related content to address private service professionals’ greatest challenges through:


Early next year she’ll be launching a coaching series focused on every aspect of luxury home management to support YOU in your quest to provide world class service. If you’re interested in more details, add your name to the waitlist.

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Decoding Care Labels

The modern laundry care label we see today is the evolution of an extensive classification and regulation system known as the ‘Textile and Wool Act’ put in place by the US Federal Trade Commission in…...

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Wynn Win // Loaning Fine Art

Whatever the reason your Principal may choose to loan a priceless work to a museum, as part of your due diligence as the Estate Manager, you should research and collect information on the transaction and create a detailed records file of the transaction. PRO CONTENT

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Supporting a High-Performing Estate Manager – On Demand

Serving as an Executive Assistant to a busy Estate Manager, Director of Properties, or Chief of Staff requires a certain skillset and flexibility to succeed. I'll share my experiences moving from the corporate world to private service. PRO MEMBER CONTENT

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