Coffee With Kelly

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Tune in for tips that make life easier for estate managers and personal assistants in these 20-minute online group sessions — all in the time it takes to enjoy your coffee.

Upcoming sessions (all 9 am Pacific)

March 27, 2022

Selecting the Right Employer:
Interview Questions You Should Be Asking Them

April 24, 2022

Manage Your House Manual:
Secret Tips For Finishing This Year!


Kelly also provides FREE industry related content to address private service professionals’ greatest challenges through:


Early next year she’ll be launching a coaching series focused on every aspect of luxury home management to support YOU in your quest to provide world class service. If you’re interested in more details, add your name to the waitlist.

Kimberly Varney

Drafting an Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is the operating playbook you and your team need to ensure a clear and mutual understanding of the standards, expectations, and processes employees will need to follow while working at your property.

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5 Star Service Club

Latricia Friend has created a platform using ClubHouse and her “room” called the 5-Star Service Club to help reach Private Service Professionals and bring them together to chat about Private Service related topics.

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