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Fleet Management

Managing a Luxury Car Collection

While it may sound Bond-esque to some to have a luxury car collection strewn across the world ready for use wherever one lands, to an EM, it sounds like an asset-tracking ‘challenge’.


Cover Your Assets // Understanding Service Contracts

I love contracts. I like knowing what I’m obligated to and what the vendor is obligated to in very clear terms. I’m spending someone else’s money on someone else’s property, so I want to make the right decisions and I want to be covered. 


How Much is That Job Really Worth?

For a salaried Estate Management position, there’s a lot to take into consideration when judging the value of the role and whether or not it fits your wants and needs.


Outsourcing Grounds Services

From concept to maintenance, there are several types of specialists and services an Estate Manager might consider

Human Resources

Slack for Your Estate Team

Of all of the things that need to be streamlined and organized, communication should be at the top of any Estate Manager’s list. Slack pulls a huge portion of minor texts and emails out of your inbox and into a repository for the entire team to reference and creates a platform for targeted group communication. Here’s how to set up Slack for your team.

Estate Staff Training

Household Safety Training

Being knowledgeable of safety standards and best practices can mean the difference between a smoothly running household and accidents or injuries for yourself or your staff. As the Estate Manager, you should provide guides, instructions, and manuals as well as include MSDSs in easily accessible notebooks or your Estate Manual for your staff to access when needed. Here are some item to include in your training and manual:

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We’re offline as we wait out Hurricane Ian. Everyone in Florida stay safe!

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Estate Management essentials


Staffing Up // Writing a Job Description

The more detailed and specific your job request is, the more tools you are providing an agency to make a good recommendation and placement. Together with your principal, you’ll need to assess the way the household works and determine what skills, services, and delivery style are required to fulfill the needs of your specific household.


Drafting an Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is the operating playbook you and your team need to ensure a clear and mutual understanding of the standards, expectations, and processes employees will need to follow while working at your property.


End of Season // Summerizing a FL Home

It’s that time of year again….It’s HOT in South Florida. Many of my fellow Estate Managers have headed north while we’re left to close up homes for the summer.

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