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Introducing EMessentials // Resources for Estate Managers

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This month we are happy to introduce ‘EMe”, a collection of guides, templates, training videos, and essential resources for Estate Managers. Pick up a new skill, refresh your memory on some of the basics, or learn the latest way to accomplish a task.

We’ll cover everything from HR to Tech, and include links to outside sources, books, and courses that can help you on your professional journey.

We’d love to hear what you’d like to see in upcoming months. Need some help building your chart of accounts? Looking for a template for an Employee Handbook? Hoping for a refresher course in multi-shift scheduling? Let us know what you need and we’ll reach out to members of the community who excel in that area and invite them to share their knowledge.

Use our Content Request form to submit your ideas and suggest authors:

Do you have something you’d like to teach? Reach out and we’ll help you to put something together. We’ll be starting to offer online courses soon- maybe you’d like to be a teacher? Email for more details, or connect with Kimberly in the Members chat.

Tiffanie Kinder

How to Train Household Staff and Retain Them

When you hire new household staff, you cannot expect them to know exactly what you want or how you want it done. Even though you may have covered some of the job requisites during the interview process, you still need to develop an effective household staff training plan.

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