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Holiday Gift Tracker Template

Holiday Gift Tracker Template

As we say every year, I can’t believe it’s FALL already. As it’s sunny and 85° in south Florida, it’s easy to think that Christmas is ages way. It’s not, and you should be starting your holiday shopping lists now. If you have a PA or EA handling your shopping, this template is a great collaborative tool.

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The Summer of Sharing // Top 5 Ways to Share Your Expertise

Sharing your experience is crucial for professional growth and inspiring others. There are a number of ways to showcase your knowledge and establish an industry presence. Here’s our Top 5 list, many of which can be accomplished with the Estate Management Network:

Essentials of Estate Management

Based in Dallas Texas, this Zoom-based course will give the Private Service Professional the fundamentals for establishing protocols in a HNW residence that protects your Principal’s luxury lifestyle.

Healthy Workplace Programs

Wellness programs encourage talent to move more, eat better, provide financial health, creativity, stress reduction, community engagement, job satisfaction, strong relationships, longevity, mindfulness assistance, and balance.  

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