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Many of the industry’s top estate managers will tell you, “I wish I could find another me.”

They feel like they can’t take a day off, because no one else has their knowledge. They struggle to find staff who share their commitment to perfection, their passion for providing the best service, and their unmatched ability to notice the smallest details. And when they have a question, they turn to Google, but rarely have a support system of other experts.

Of course, this solitude is partly by design. Many private service professionals protect their knowledge, because they want to protect their jobs. But how will the art of private service survive, if the best in the industry don’t connect with newcomers? How will veteran estate managers build teams that run smoothly, if they can’t find staff members with the skills and training they need?

And, most importantly, how will the “unicorns” of the industry avoid burning out if they feel alone in a job that demands so much?

At Nines, we’ve spent the last two years studying the private service industry, and one thing is clear: estate managers need more support.

You are responsible for running the world’s most complex households, but you don’t have tools to keep up with your workload, and you have limited access to professional development. We’re building Nines to give estate managers a modern platform built specifically to help you streamline household management. But the right tools are only as good as the people who use them, and we want to help you find the right job, succeed in your role, build an amazing team, and get work done more efficiently.

Estate managers need a place to network, ask questions, and learn from other people who’ve been in their shoes.

And that’s why we’ve launched Easemakers, the leading community for private service professionals to connect and elevate each other.

Already, the response from our members has been overwhelming.

“In 20 years, I’ve only spoken to a handful of estate managers like myself,” says Shelby Boudreau, an Estate Manager from Maine. “In the last 2 months, I’ve had so many great conversations. Being in a community like this has made an immediate impact.”

On a daily basis, members from all over the country post questions for their fellow easemakers about everything from managing inventory to hosting VIP events. They can watch in real time as helpful answers roll in from a number of their peers, who all have different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

“I love it because I really want to support my colleagues, and I really want a place where we can support each other,” says Estate Manager Kimberly Brandon.

But even more valuable than the opportunity to share tips and resources is the chance to connect with people who get it.

“It’s funny how prevalent this industry is, but it’s so completely on the low-down,” says San Francisco Estate Manager Tina Luther. “If you don’t know someone who does what you do, who can you talk to?”

The more estate managers help each other, the more we’ll close the knowledge gap and lift up the entire industry. Easemakers is a platform for connection and education — and a place where estate managers can feel at home. Not a member? Join today.

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Household Safety Training

Being knowledgeable of safety standards and best practices can mean the difference between a smoothly running household and accidents or injuries for yourself or your staff. As the Estate Manager, you should provide guides, instructions, and manuals as well as include MSDSs in easily accessible notebooks or your Estate Manual for your staff to access when needed. Here are some item to include in your training and manual... PRO MEMBER CONTENT

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Workshop – Developing Standards for an Estate Manager

Following the Panel "What is an Estate Manager", we'll dive a bit further into the ways an Estate Manager is defined in an effort to create some standards for EMs, Agents and Employers. We'll provide a link and worksheet for you to help develop this new set of standards. PRO MEMBER CONTENT

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